No Campfire, no problem! These indoor s’mores are made right in your oven. You get all the summer camping vibes in the comfort of your own home. I can’t think of anything better.

These indoor s’more can be made as a quick dessert or made as a large batch for a crowd. Bring them to a party and I promise you’ll impress your friends. The marshmallows won’t be warm and gooey but they’re still delicious. I kept a batch in the fridge for a few days and they held up great. We enjoyed them straight out of the fridge but also reheated using the microwave or oven. Both ways work!

How to make Indoor S’mores

This sweet treat could not be easier to make. Plus, you don’t have to test your luck with getting the perfect golden brown marshmallow. Line up the graham cracker squares on a baking sheet and top them with the marshmallows. Pop the tray into the oven for about 5 minutes. Once the marshmallows are fluffy and golden brown take them out of the oven and squish them down with a piece of chocolate. The chocolate will start to melt and you can add any other toppings of your choice.

For these indoor s’mores, I added freeze dried raspberries and almonds for an elevated twist. Raspberries and almonds pair wonderfully with dark chocolate. The freeze dried raspberries added a tartness while the sliced almonds add a nice crunch. If you plan on adding fruit, I recommend using freeze dried. The freeze dried fruit holds up better than fresh. You don’t have to worry about it getting soggy, especially if you aren’t eating the s’mores right away.

Close up of hand holding indoor s'mores with raspberries


When it comes to making s’mores you probably grew up on Jet-Puffed marshmallows and Hershey’s chocolate bars. I recommend forgoing those classics for high-quality ingredients. Choosing high-quality chocolate and marshmallows is a simple swap to make that makes a big difference in both taste and nutrition.

Most marshmallows are full of not-so-great ingredients like isolated soy protein, carrageenan, fillers and food dye (even the white ones!). Thankfully there’s a better option! Smashmallows are marshmallows made with real, simple ingredients. I’ve seen them at Target and Whole Foods. They come in a variety of artisanal flavors like toasted vanilla, cookie dough, mint chip, just to name a few. Think of all the fun combinations you could make with those marshmallows flavors next time you make these indoor s’mores!

I used the toasted vanilla Smashmallows for these indoor s’mores with raspberries and almonds and they turned out so good! Nourished by Nutrition is all about focusing of real food and products made with real, simple ingredients. When it comes to marshmallow, Smashmallows is the best option out there.

Plate of indoor s'mores with smashmallows

bag of smashmallows marshmallows
hand holding indoor s'mores with raspberries



Indoor S’mores with Raspberries and Almonds

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These indoor s’mores are an easy sweet treat made with high-quality chocolate and Smashmallow marshmallows. Add freeze dried raspberries and sliced almonds for an elevated twist on the classic s’more.

  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Yield: 6 s'mores 1x


  • 3 graham crackers
  • 1.5 oz chocolate bar
  • 6 toasted vanilla Smashmallow marshmallows
  • 1/4 cup freeze dried raspberries
  • 2 tablespoons sliced almonds


Preheat the oven to 400F. Place parchment paper on a baking sheet. Lay the graham cracker squares on the tray. Top each with a marshmallow and place in the oven for 5-7 minutes or until golden brown. Turn off the oven. ⠀

Press the chocolate squares onto the marshmallow. Place the tray back in the warm oven and let them sit there for 1-2 minutes until the chocolate starts to melt. Top with freeze dried raspberries and almonds (or what ever toppings your prefer!)

Serve immediately or let cool and enjoy later. Keep in the fridge for a week. To reheat place the s’mores in a 200F oven for 5 minutes or in the microwave for 12 seconds.


These can be made ahead of time and store at room temperature or in the fridge for a week. Enjoy at room temp or straight out of the fridge. You can also reheat them in microwave for about 12 seconds or in the oven at 300F for 5 minutes.


I’d love to hear how it turned out for you! Leave a comment below and share a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #nourishedbynutriton.