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I‘m so excited to finally share our exciting news. We’re having a baby!!! Consider this the first Nourished by Nutrition pregnancy announcement and the start of more posts on women’s health, fertility and my pregnancy journey.

Pregnancy announcement

Baby Bippen coming May 2020!!!

And then there were three! Ben and I found out the news back in September. It’s hard to begin to put into words how excited we are and how blessed we feel. This little babe feels like truly a miracle.

I’m so excited to share this next chapter with you. We already know our lives are changed forever but in the absolute best way possible. I’m such a huge believer in manifesting and putting out positive energy into the world. Any prayers, positive vibes or just keeping us in your thoughts throughout this journey are welcomed with open arms.

I also know these types of posts can bring up a lot of different emotions. Depending on where you are in your journey. Know that I see you. We’ve had our own journey to get here. Everyone’s journey is unique and no one’s journey is perfect. I truly appreciate you for reading this post and being apart of this community.

Our Pregnancy Journey

If you haven’t read my post on my post-birth control journey, I highly recommend it (this post-is coming next week!). It goes much more in-depth about getting my period back after stopping birth control, the steps I took to promote fertility, and the Ava bracelet I used to track my cycles.

All things considered, it didn’t take us very long at all to get pregnant after I finally got my period back post-birth control. But getting my period back took two years. This is all part of my journey. After getting my period back post-birth control, I only had three periods from May to August, while becoming pregnant in August. We definitely were expecting it to take much longer so it’s was such a beautiful surprise.

positive pregnancy test

How We Found Out

You hear many moms say they “just knew” they were pregnant. Maybe it’s women’s intuition. Honestly, this was the case for me. I just knew!

But of course, we confirmed it with a pregnancy test. I took a pregnancy test 6 days before I was expecting my period and sure enough, there was the faintest double line. I then proceeded to confirm it with a digital test later that day. It read “yes +”. And because I like to make sure, I retested on Tuesday and Thursday of that week. They all read “yes +”. By this point, I was 100% convinced I was pregnant.

I just happen to have a follow-up doctor’s appointment the following week which made me feel at ease because my OBGYN couldn’t see me for another two weeks. At my doctor’s appointment, they checked my progesterone levels which came back elevated and within a good range for being this early. 

I saw my OBGYN around 6 weeks after the first day of my missed period. We did bloodwork again which confirmed high levels of progesterone and HCG. This was reassuring and made me feel confident about this pregnancy. There is so much excitement that comes with a positive pregnancy test but what no one talks about it the anxiety that comes with it.

There is so much unknown and factors that are beyond your control. It’s a period of joy but also uncertainty. It requires patience and lots of positive self-talk in order to put fear aside and let go of what it’s in your control. I feel like this isn’t talked about that much, but I’m hoping to bring light to this topic. I’ll cover this in more detail in my first trimester update.

gender reveal boy

It’s a Boy!

I’m officially a boy mom and I couldn’t be more excited!!

It’s typical to find out the gender at your week 20 ultrasound, but we opted to do the cell-free DNA blood test at 10 weeks. This test screens for genetic disorders but is also able to determine the baby’s gender. If there is a Y chromosome present, it’s a boy. If there’s not a Y chromosome present, it’s a girl. We got our results back on Halloween. We both were shocked but even more overjoyed to find out we have a healthy little boy.

So many of you and our family and friends thought this little peanut was a girl. Ben was team boy all along. While I said team girl out loud, deep down I always knew our baby was a little boy. When people would ask how I pictured my life as a mom, I was always doing classic boy things! At hockey rinks, watching my husband and son play, etc. All can say is this feels so right for us now!

What’s to come

Nourished by Nutrition has slowly been transitioning to incorporate more lifestyle and women’s health topics. This feels like the perfect time to fully embody this shift. There will still be nutritious and wellness resources, but now there will be a great mix of women’s health topics, fertility and real-talk about my pregnancy journey.

Stay tuned for:

    • My post-birth control journey
    • Tips on how to heal from post-birth control syndrome
    • Trimester updates and essentials
    • My baby registry must-haves
    • Fertility nutrition
    • Pregnancy nutrition guide

If there is anything specific you want to see here on Nourished by Nutrition, please let me know in the comments or feel free to email me! I want this a safe space for women. Somewhere you can feel empowered, ask questions and feel part of a supportive community no matter where you are in your journey.

Thank you for reading this post and following along with this exciting new chapter in our lives.