Whether you’re new to plant-based eating or have fully adopted the lifestyle, having resources for inspiration keeps things fresh and exciting. It allows you to connect with like-minded individuals and helps you feel supported in your health and wellness journey. Below you’ll find my top 20 whole food plant-based blogs and social media accounts that are an endless source of inspiration for whole food, plant-based recipes and living with intention.

I should preface by saying plant-based does not mean vegan. However, many of these blogs are fully vegan. If you’re wondering what plant-based means here as Nourished by Nutrition, check out this post.

While each of these blogs are wonderfully unique, they all have a common mission of sharing whole-food, plant-centric recipes in an effort to help inspire you to eat well and cook more. Each of these ladies has an unwavering way with ingredients and flavor combinations. Most of the recipes they share are simple and perfect for meal prepping or weeknight meals. The recipes that are a tad more complicated feel extremely approachable as they walk you through the steps while providing a reason for the process.

Not only do these ladies have incredible recipes but they all have exceptional photography skills. Since we eat without eyes first, it’s imperative that each recipe has equally beautiful photographs to entice and inspire especially when first transitioning to more plant-based foods. And these ladies have it mastered!

Top 20 Whole Food Plant-Based Blogs JessieMay

Faring Well (now Jessie May)

Blogging from sunny Costa Mesa, CA, Jessie shares whole food, vegan recipes and to-die-for wholesome treats. She has extensive recourses for kitchen equipment, cookbook must-haves, and go-to pantry items to help get you set up cooking more and eating well. Jessie shares insight into her life in each blog post along inspiring words that warm your heart. Her writing is like a beautiful novel that I look forward to reading each week. Not to mention, her photography mesmerizing – simple and vibrant. aka photography #goals!

**As of 2018, Faring Well is no longer active. Jessie now shares all things plant-based, travel, and sustainable living on Jessie May.

Website: faring-well.com
Website: jessie-may.com
Instagram: @jessiemaysnyder

With Food and Love

Sherrie is the queen of salads, soups and cocktails. If you’re looking for simple dishes infused with flavor let Sherrie guide you. Not only does she have a blog full of delicious recipes, but she brings those recipes to life, sharing them with the community in here seasonal pop-ups. Yes, Sherrie will cook for you while you are surrounded by like-minded foodies. Basically, a dream come true!

Website: withfoodandlove.com
Instagram: @shercastellano Top 20 Whole Food Plant-Based Blogs tallulahalexandra

In My Bowl

Real life musings and simple, everyday recipes by Nutritionist and mama Tallulah Dawson. If you are struggling with IBS or contemplating a Low FODMAP elimination protocol, Tallulah and inmybowl is an invaluable resource full of resources, guides and her personal experience with the elimination diet. She also has a way with words like that read like a novel that make even her everyday recipes, tips and guides feel like poetry.

Website: inmybowl.com
Instagram: @tallulahalexandra

Wholehearted Eat

Sophie shares her passion for whole foods and natural living through plant-based, seasonal recipes and lifestyle tips. The majority of her recipes are incredibly simple, perfect for weeknight meals, but with the essence of from-scratch cooking and Sophie shares more “hippy-ish” recipes and guides such as homemade sourdough, sprouting, and kombucha (aka your next weekend project!). While these may seem intimidating, Sophie’s compassion and step-by-step guidance make these recipes (and all of her recipes) feel very approachable. Wholeheartedeats brings an overwhelming sense of calm and appreciation for slow-living as you scroll through the pages and become mesmerized by Sophie’s photography.

Website: wholeheartedeats.com
Instagram: @wholeheartedeats Top 20 whole food plant-based blogs gkstories

Green Kitchen Stories

David and Luise are the dynamic-due behind Green Kitchen Stories where they share whole food vegetarian recipes that are unlike any others I’ve seen. Their photography is beautiful and their styling and presentation make the dishes look elevated, but don’t be fooled! The reality is the dishes are simple, flavorful and come together with ease because they are a family of five with three little mouths to feed. David and Luise are a perfect example that kids can eat what the entire family is eating, even when that is mostly veggies!

Website: greenkitchenstories.com
Instagram: @gkstories and @luisegreenkitchenstories

A Couple Cooks

Sonja and Alex bring to life the idea that eating well can be pretty simple, hence the name of their cookbook Pretty Simple Cooking. Their blog + podcast is a guide to eating real food, cooking more, and love the process. Sonja and Alex do a wonderful job simplifying cooking, reassuring you that good food doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult, but it isn’t always fast. And that’s okay (!!) because cooking nourishing food and sharing it with others is the ultimate form of connection. Aside from their straightforward recipes and podcast, Sonja and Alex are incredibly open about their struggles and have the most precious adoption story and son, Larson. From their good food to their personal story, A Couple Cooks will have both your heart and stomach full.

Website: acouplecooks.com
Instagram: @acouplecooks

Jessica Murane

Founder of the One Part Plant movement (#onepartplant), Jessica’s mission is to get people to each at least one plant-based meal a day. She has done an amazing job bringing together a community of people supporting this mission and getting people to eat more plants. But that’s not all. Jessica manages her endometriosis with food. She is a solid resource for women struggling with endometriosis and safe-haven for women allowing them to feel supported and guided through their struggles.

Website: jessicamurnane.com
Instagram: @onepartplant Top 20 whole food plant-based blogs brewinghappiness

Brewing Happiness

A mega-dose of self-love and encouragement mixed in with wholefood, feel-good recipes. Aside from everyday recipes that make eating well attainable to all (not just those with a hefty paycheck), Haley has a way with words. Each post is filled with a deeper message and compassion. Haley is the founder of my favorite hashtag on Instagram, #celebratehealthier (did you know you can follow hashtags?!), that only further reinforces Haley’s desire to build a community around eating well and doing things that help you be the best version of YOU. If nothing else, follow Haley for the wisdom she shares and her endless encouragement for practicing self-love, but you’ll find yourself bookmarking every recipe in the process.

Website: brewinghappiness.com
Instagram: @brewinghappiness

The Green Life

Sophie is a holistic nutritionist and author of The Green Life, an online journal and shop. She’s done an amazing job at creating these with the intention of inspiring and empowering you to live your healthiest, happiest life. The recipes of The Green Life are all plant focused and designed to make you feel energized, vibrant and alive. Sophie embraces different lifestyles but has a philosophy (much like the Nourished by Nutrition philosophy) that we could all benefit from eating more plants. The Green Life is a wonderful resource for eating well and transitioning to more natural living.

Website: thegreenlife.ca
Instagram: @the.green.life

The Full Helping

Vegan nutritionist and cookbook author, Gena of the Full Helping is a solid resource for plant-based cooking. Her recipes are easy, dependable and delicious. Among her wholesome recipes and desserts for balance, Gena shares insight into self-care,  self-discovery, and resources to help you explore an informed and compassionate relationship with food. Wheather you’re struggling with your relationship with yourself and food or just want a delicious plant-based recipe let The Full Helping be your resource for a celebration of the meals and words of wisdom.

Website: thefullhelping.com
Instagram: @thefullhelping Top 20 whole food plant-based blogs thefirstmess

The First Mess

Laura is the author of The First Mess Cookbook, one of my favorites (!!) and a must-have in your kitchen. Thanks to her culinary degree, she shares out-of-this-world recipes that are layered with flavor, which is key to making plant-based food irresistible. Aside from the simple, approachable recipe, Laura also shares a fair amount of “magic”. If you’re interested in incorporating more adaptogens into your diet or relaxing with an elevated latte, Laura’s your girl.

Website: thefirstmess.com
Instagram: @thefirstmess

Making Thyme for Health

Sarah shares approachable and seasonal vegetarian recipes that’ll make you fall in love with food. The recipes you find on Making Thyme for Health show you that eating well doesn’t have to be complicated. Just nourishing recipes that are delicious and make you feel energized.

Website: makingthymeforhealth.com
Instagram: @makingthymeforhealth Top 20 whole food plant-based blogs dollyandoatmeal

Dolly and Oatmeal

Fresh, seasonal recipes that are all dairy and gluten-free, plus a heavy dose of wholesome desserts. Lindsey’s recipes are also layered with flavor, yet simple and approachable. Lindsay is the author of Chickpea Flour Does It All (another must-have!) which guides you on the ins-and-outs of chickpea flour. If you’re unfamiliar with all the culinary capabilities of this universal flour, I highly recommend this book. I promise chickpea flour will soon become a pantry staple. Lindsey is also an outstanding photographer. If you’re looking to up your photography game, Lindsey has a free photography guide that is a wealth of knowledge.

Website: dollyandoatmeal.com
Instagram: @dollyandoatmeal

Love and Lemons

If you’re looking to eat with the seasons or want a veggie-heavy version of any of your favorites, make Love and Lemon’s your go-to. A quick scroll through of the extensive recipe index will leave you feeling fresh, energized and ready to get started cooking. Jeanine, the founder of Love and Lemons, is also the author of the Love and Lemons cookbook (which is my go-to gifting cookbook). The recipes are categorized by the fruits and vegetables that take center-stage in the dish. Its a very practical cookbook that makes plant-based eating approachable, but is also beautiful enough for a coffee-table conversation piece.

Website: loveandlemons.com
Instagram: @loveandlemons Top 20 whole food plant-based blogs sproutedkitchen

Sprouted Kitchen

Sara shows you time and time again that eating whole foods is possible and can be done with ease, even with a family. A mix of everyday eats, weekend entertaining dishes, sweet treats, and kids meal ideas, Sprouted Kitchen is an endless resource for eating well. With such a fast-paced world and busy lives, Sara makes eating whole foods seem 100% doable. Sara is full of tips and tricks and will help you rethink buying convenience items like dressings or sauces, by showing you how to make them in less than 5 minutes, and then how they can elevate even the simplest of salads or plant-based dishes.

Website: sproutedkitchen.com
Instagram: @sproutedkitchen

101 Cookbooks

Heidi shares her vast collection of recipes that celebrate cooking and focus on incorporating vegetables and whole foods into your everyday meals. The recipes are designed with the home cook in mind and reinforce the idea that food is meant to be shared with the people you love. Heidi’s written four cookbooks, is New York Times Best Selling author, and a two-time James Beard Award winner. Her recipes do not disappoint! If you need a recipe for a weeknight or one to impress a dinner party or bring to a celebration, 101 Cookbooks has you covered.

Website: 101cookbooks.com
Instagram: @heidijswanson

Naturally Ella

Cooking from pantry staples is Ella strength. Her website, Naturally Ella, is an extensive resource for any ingredient you can imagine. From produce like eggplant and broccoli to batch cooking grains and legumes, Ella’s got you covered. While Ella encourages you to cook from scratch, her simple, basic recipes for homemade sauces, dips, and spreads can elevate your ordinary grains or beans even if you don’t make them fully from scratch. Plus, each recipe has a list of substitutions and ways to use ingredients in a variety of ways that’ll get you thinking more creatively and cooking more from home.

Website: naturallyella.com
Instagram: @naturallyella Top 20 whole food plant-based blogs tendingthetable

Tending the Table

Fresh, seasonal recipes and a heavy dose of Ayurveda. Sasha is a Holistic Ayurvedic Counselor who shares an immense amount of knowledge and ancient healing practices into everything she shares. Her recipes are created with intricate attention to detail built on the foundation that “food is medicine”. Sasha is also devoted to sustainable living and a very knowledgeable in reducing waste both with food and everyday living. Sasha has made Tending the Table and incredible resource and guides you through simple steps to take toward more wholesome cooking and natural living.

Website: tendingthetable.com
Instagram: @sasha.swerdloff

My New Roots

Sarah is a holistic nutrition counselor and an incredible resource for whole food plant-based recipes and nutrition education. My New Roots has an extensive index of recipes where you’ll find weeknight meals, celebration dishes, wholesome treats, and how-to-guides. Sara’s recipes are typically from-scratch but her step-by-step guidance, flavor combinations and food-as-nourishment approach to cooking make you realize it is all worth it.

Website: mynewroots.com
Instagram: @mynewroots

Happy Hearted Kitchen

A wonderful mix of plant-centric recipes and wholesome dessert. Jodi shares simple, season recipes and her mission to increase awareness about eating responsibly and sustainably. Happy Hearted Kitchen focuses on local, seasonal ingredients native to British Columbia, so you won’t find recipes including bananas and avocados, but trust me (!!) they aren’t missed. Jodi’s recipes are absolutely incredible! Let Happy Hearted Kitchen show you how to eat well with wholesome ingredients and balance it out with the best oatmeal cookie!

Website: happyheartedkitchen.com
Instagram: @jodicatherinekay

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