The 8 elements of nourished living are connected components that work together to craft a balanced lifestyle and help you to feel your best. While these elements are universal, the balance between the elements will be unique to you.

Remember: It’s not about being right, it’s about being well.

These elements will help you hone in on areas that need improvement at various stages in your life. They’ll help you uncover what forever wellness looks like in order to move toward the best version of yourself on a daily basis.

8 Elements of Nourished Living

    • Mindset
    • Nourishment
    • Movement
    • Stress management
    • Self-love
    • Rest
    • Relationships
    • Purpose


Developing a healthy mindset creates a truly solid foundation in your forever approach to wellness.


Viewing wellness through an “abundance lens” means ditching the diet and deprivation mentality. It means redirecting thoughts of negativity as they arise and rewiring your brain to focus on the path to your best self rather than every action that may spiral backwards.

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THRIVE: Food helps you survive. But is it helping you THRIVE? Food has the power to transform your body and your life. It’s the coding that tells your cells how to function.

Here at NBN, we focus on eating whole foods and filling our plates with as many plants as possible. These nutrient-dense, antioxidant-packed plants give you variety and flexibility to eat what makes you feel good, what you enjoy, centered around what will help your body function at its best.

HYDRATE: It’s simple.

Fully hydrated = Fully functional body systems

Hydration gives you energy, improves digestion, and supports gorgeous skin.

You can drink your water. Go fill up your glass. I’ll wait.

You can also eat your water. Plant foods like greens, cucumbers, and watermelon all help keep you hydrated with the extra boost of antioxidants.

CONNECT: Food is so much more than cell-coding and survival. It’s also the root of many social, emotional, and cultural connections.

It’s our favorite way to celebrate, to mark occasions, it’s a buffer when we meet new people.

When we view our kale to be just as important as our cake, our foundation of intentional eating allows the freedom for us to truly eat for pleasure without being bound by guilt.

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Our beautiful bodies were meant to be moved, not punished. Movement is not just about fitness goals. It helps you feel energized, happy, and confident.

Create a nourishing habit of movement by finding something you truly love, and do it daily. Keep an open mind.

It could be hiking, rock climbing, yoga in your living room, or a walk in the park.

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Stress Management

It’s not a question of whether or not we will have too much stress in our lives, but rather a question of how we will handle it when it does come.

Small amounts of stress = staying focused + motivated

Prolonged stress = aging + inflammation + cravings + hormone imbalances + poor sleep + wreaking havoc on your precious body


This buzzword is about more than trendy bath bombs and lone getaways.

It’s tricky, and honestly feels impossible at times, but self-care is an everyday journey, not just a special occasion.

At NBN, we’re all about encouraging you to bring your whole self, the real you, to the table. That starts with accepting exactly where you are in this very moment. It’s a promise to bloom where you’re planted and grow into yourself rather than uprooting and running away from who you are right now.



#realtalk: Sleep deprivation is an epidemic, not a badge of honor.

Prioritizing sleep means our brains can function optimally, our bodies can heal and recover, and ultimately will result in fewer cravings and more energy to move our bodies.



As you’re learning to love movement, it’s just as important to listen to your body and learn how you need to recover. Recovery can take different forms–even active–but it’s important to remember that recovery and rest does not mean you’re lazy or unmotivated.

Focus on developing sustainable habits with ebbs and flows of movement and recovery instead of constantly beating your body with excessive exercise.

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A community that shares and supports your values is key in becoming the best version of yourself.

Finding a support system that fills you up takes intentionality and commitment. Spend time face-to-face. Go deep. Open up.


KNOW YOUR WHY. Your WHY keeps you moving forward when things get difficult. Living well is not sustainable without a clear vision of why you want a healthy life, why you want to feel better, why you want to live more freely. If you don’t have a true WHY, take some time and name your values.

NAME YOUR VALUES. What is non-negotiable in life for you? What did you grow up believing? What is your guiding light in everyday life?

Or, sometimes examining your values BACKWARDS is helpful. What drives you crazy about the world? What would you never consider doing?

BE WILLING TO LEARN. Your core values will guide your steps in life and help you to live with an open mind toward growth and set you on the path to genuine joy.

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These 8 elements of nourished living are equally important in your journey to uncovering your forever approach to wellness. I’m here to be your guide and simplify wellness so you can make sustainable shifts in creating a lifestyle that feels like it can last forever.


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