When it comes to creating a sustainable, healthy lifestyle consistency is key. It’s the actions you take MOST of the time that creates lasting results. But you probably know this, right?

You know eating well and moving your body is important but you’re struggling with how to make it last.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The biggest pain point from clients is their lack of consistency. They have a desire to live a healthy lifestyle or may even have set achievable goals for themselves, but something is still missing. They still can’t seem to make their habits stick. They feel like they’re constantly falling off track, which leaves them feeling defeated, discouraged and lack the motivation to start living a healthy lifestyle again.

So what’s this missing piece? It’s not willpower or lack of discipline. The missing piece to staying consistent with your healthy lifestyle is on a much deeper level. It is your WHY.

What is your “why”

Your “why” or as I call it, your “wellness why”, is the deep-rooted, emotional reason behind wanting to change. It’s the key to creating your forever wellness, aka a lasting lifestyle that makes you feel your best.

When you know your “wellness why”, your actions have a reason. There is a strong emotional driver behind the actions you take on a daily basis and this propels you forward. It gives you the motivation you need to make the changes and stay consistent. Without a strong why, it’s unlikely you will follow through with the time and effort required for successfully sustaining your goals long-term.

Here’s an example…

Say your goal is to work out at 6 am before leaving for work. When your alarm goes off at 5:30, it is really easy to hit the snooze button unless you have a solid why that is going to help overcome the immediate desire to sleep in and move you towards your longterm goal.

Your wellness why needs to come from the heart. It goes beyond superficial desires like numbers on the scale or jean size (more on why these aren’t good goal later!). It’s an internal driver like how you want to feel, a health concern you want to address, an example you want to set for your family, that is going to push you forward and keep you motivated. For instance, your why could be…

    • I’m tired of not having the energy to get through the day without a nap. I want to be able to feel my best and be able to show up 100% with my family after work.
    • I want to manage my PCOS and prevent insulin resistance because I want to be able to have a child and be a mother.
    • I want to lose the excess weight I gained in college because it’s causing me knee pain and backaches daily.
    • I want to reduce the risk of heart disease since it runs in my family and my father just passed away from a heart attack.

Do you see how these why’s are deep? They have emotional backing that becomes the driving force. Until you identify your WHY, the real reason that shakes you to your core, there isn’t going to be that long-lasting consistency. So let’s figure out your why!

Jessica Bippen of Nourished by Nutrition holding water bottle in workout clothes

My wellness why

I know what I eat and how I take care of myself directly impacts how I feel and show up for myself and others, both immediately and in the long-run. I want to feel my best every day so I can lead by example and put 100% into everything I do. I want to function at my optimal level and someday be a mother. I want to have consistent energy and live my life to the fullest.

I can’t do this if I’m not prioritizing my health by eating well, moving my body and taking care of myself. It’s that simple.

Jessica Bippen of Nourished by Nutrition sitting outside with iphone and green juice

How to find your wellness why

Finding your wellness why takes some work. But don’t shy away from it. When you dig deep, address fears, and push through the uncomfortable, that is where the magic happens. Are you ready?!

Step 1: Get ComfY

Give yourself 10-20 minutes and sit down with a pen and paper. Maybe light a candle, put on some soft music, or diffuse some essential oil. This can help you relax and make the process feel like an act of self-care.

Step 2: Envision

Take 5 minutes to sit and envision the best version of yourself. Then write it down in detail. Make it crystal-clear for yourself. Some questions to get you started are:

    • What is the best version of me that I want to be?
    • What does that person do every day?
    • What does that person NOT do every day?
    • How does that version of you feel?

Step 3: dig deep

Now it’s time to dig deep and identify your wellness why.

    • Why do you want to be the version of yourself you just described?
    • What is that strong emotional reason behind your desire to live well?

I can’t answer this for you. This has to come from deep inside you. Take some time to sit with these questions. It’s okay if it doesn’t come to you right away. Don’t get discouraged. Taking 3-5 minutes a day to sit with these questions may be what you need. Remember, when you dig deep, address fears, and push through the uncomfortable, that is where the magic happens.

Step 4: Remind Yourself

Keep your wellness why front and center. Write it down and tape it to your mirror, laptop, or bedside table. Make it your phone screen. Share your why with your significant other or your BFF. Make your why so apparent, it becomes engrained in you. When you are making a decision, feeling a lack of motivation, or just needing a little reminder, revisit your why. Your deep-emotional connection will be the boost you need to stay consistent with being the best version of yourself.

Bottom line:

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle knowing you “why” is the key for consistency. in order to transform your desire to live a healthy lifestyle and reach your goals achievable goals you need to know your “why”. This is the piece that will keep you going even if you aren’t feeling motivated. I’m so confident you have it within you to make the magic happen and transform your life. I know it’s not easy but my friend, it is so worth it.