A list of easy, healthy toddler snacks that are perfect for summer. These15 kid-friendly snacks have endless flavor combinations. Plus, they’re balanced snacks that keep your little one’s energy up and belly full.

Once Upon a Farm Pouches - Easy Healthy Toddler Snacks

When the weather warms up, it’s time for endless summer adventures. That means packing healthy, nutrient-dense snacks so that your kids have the fuel to play. As a registered dietitian, I understand the importance of quality nutrition and making snack time count. As a mom, I know that as parents we need convenience but also don’t want to miss an opportunity to give the best to our children. 

Here’s a list of healthy toddler snacks that are perfect for summer. Whether you’re on the go or beating the heat at home, these snacks will fill your kids’ bellies with energy and nutrition. Many of these easy snacks can be made ahead of time and packed in reusable baggies or insulated lunch boxes when taking on the go.

Here my list of 15 healthy kid-friendly snacks to take on the go and fuel your summer adventures.

Once Upon a Farm Pouches - Easy Healthy Toddler Snacks

Once Upon a Farm Pouches

These pouches get an A+ rating from me and Charlie. As a mom and registered dietitian, I love that the Once Upon a Farm pouches provide quality nutrition while being a convenient on-the-go snack. The pouches are made for organic fruit and veggies, plus, functional ingredients like flax, hemp seeds, elderberry, and probiotics. This allows your little one to get in fruits, vegetables and unique ingredients like probiotics, where they otherwise may not. It’s optimal nutrition without sacrificing taste or quality. 

These pouches are cold-pressed and refrigerated to lock in the nutrients, taste, texture of the organic ingredients they use. They use HPP (high-pressure processing) which uses pressure instead of heat to kill any bad bacteria while retaining the nutrients, taste, and texture. This is unlike shelf-stable baby food that is high heat pasteurized which affects the nutrient content, taste, color and texture and allows it to sit on the shelf at room temperature for years. 

Once Upon a Farm Pouches - Easy Healthy Toddler Snacks

Once Upon a Farm is also Clean Label Project verified and has the Purity Award Certification. This 3rd party testing ensures your baby is getting the highest quality that is free of heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants. 

Save time and money with a Once Upon a Farm subscription. You’ll have your favorite flavors on hand to fuel all your kid’s summer adventures. Use code NOURISHED30 and for 30% first time subscription orders!

Energy Bites

What kid (or adult!) doesn’t love energy bites. They’re like bite sized chewy granola bars and an easy way to sneak in a variety of nutrient-dense ingredients. Plus, they’re a great way to use up almost-empty bags of oats, nuts, seeds, or jar of peanut butter 

Here are some of our favorite energy bite recipes:

Veggies and dip

The possibilities are endless here. Plus, continuous exposure to veggies in various forms is key for acceptance. I also find that kids love dips! Adding dips like hummus, ranch, guacamole, cashew cream, etc. not only makes the veggies more enticing but also allows for the little one to get in more nutrients and healthy fats. 

A few of our favorite veggie and dip pairs:

    • sliced bell peppers + hummus
    • jicama sticks + guacamole
    • carrots + ranch

Fresh fruit

Kids love fruit! While fruit contains sugar, I have no problem with Charlie snacking on fruit. It’s full of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Plus, fruit is hydrating due to its high water content which is perfect for the hot summer months. If possible, try offering a protein or fat alongside the fruit. This will keep your kids’ energy up and bellies full a little longer.

fresh cut watermelon. Easy Healthy Toddler Snacks for Summer

Nuts and seeds

I think Charlie would live off nuts if I let him. Cashews, pistachios, pecans and walnuts are softer than other nuts like whole almonds. Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are small and can help your kiddo continue to work on their neat pincer grasp. Nuts and seeds provide healthy fats, protein and a variety of nutrients like zinc, magnesium and iron. I also love making a batch of my grain-free granola. It’s slightly sweet but still back with nutrients for little growing bodies. 

*Give nuts, trail mix, and grain-free granola with caution and under supervision as it can be a choking hazard for young toddler and kids.

Our favorite homemade granola:

Homemade muffins

Homemade muffins are a great way to get in whole grains and fiber. I often make muffins that are lower in sugar or only sweetened with bananas. It’s a great opportunity to boost the muffins with veggies or even use a nutrient dense pouch like these from Once Upon a Farm in place of an ingredient like applesauce or yogurt.

Here’s some muffin recipe we love:

Tortilla roll-ups

There’s something about holding a rolled up tortilla that gives a toddler the autonomy they want. And as a parent, you can feel good knowing they’re fueling their little bodies with nutrition. The tortilla provides a vehicle for layers of ingredients. 

A few ideas to get your started:

    • peanut butter + sliced strawberries or bananas
    • almond butter + chia jam
    • hummus + hemp seeds
    • turkey + hummus + lettuce


Dairy-free or not, yogurt is a great snack. Regular organic Greek yogurt yogurt provides protein, fat and calcium. Depending on the brand of dairy-free, it provides fat and a little bit of protein. Most dairy-free yogurts aren’t fortified with calcium so keep that in mind. I also recommend looking for lower sugar options. These often aren’t marketed as “kids” yogurt. The lower the added sugar the better. You can also sweeten plain yogurt with fruit or a drizzle or maple syrup, honey or date syrup.

If you’re looking for a fun way to use yogurt, we like parfait with fruit and granola or making frozen yogurt bark. If you’ve never made it, it’s such a fun warm-weather snack. You simply spread Greek yogurt on a lined baking sheet (about ½ inch thick), topped with your kid’s favorite chopped fruit and/or nuts, or swirl in some nut butter. Freeze until firm, 2 to 4 hours, then enjoy!

yogurt parfait. Easy Healthy Toddler Snacks for Summer


Just like tortilla roll-up, sandwiches can make an easy snack that provides sustenance. Rolling on the bread super, cutting the sandwich into tiny squares or using a cookie cutter to cut into shapes can really level up the snack time sandwich fun. 

Nutritious sandwich combos:

    • hummus + sliced tofu
    • turkey + honey mustard
    • hummus cucumber
    • peanut butter + chia jam
    • almond butter + Once Upon Farm pouch (use like jam)
    • avocado + hemp seeds

Crackers and Hummus

Again with the dip! Charlie loves hummus and will often eat it straight with a spoon. Pairing crackers with hummus provides carbohydrates, fat and a little bit of protein and fiber. There are so many different flavors of hummus which is a great opportunity for flavor exposure. Especially, when serving with a cracker you know your kids love.


One of the best ways to pack a ton of nutrients into snack time. I often use a Once Upon a Farm pouch as part of the smoothie since they’re already loaded with organic fruits, veggies and a variety of other nutritious ingredients.

My go-to recipe:

jessica and Charlie drinking smoothie. Easy Healthy Toddler Snacks for Summer

Homemade popsicles  

My homemade popsicles are basically frozen smoothies. Use leftover smoothie or double (or triple!) a batch of the smoothie and add it to popsicle molds. Your kids will think they’re getting a special treat and you’ll feel good knowing how nutritious it really is.


Hard boiled eggs

Do you kids love hard boiled eggs? Charlie does. I cut the egg in half or in quarters and sprinkle it with a pinch of salt. If your kids don’t love them, keep trying. Eggs are such a great source of protein, healthy fats, and vitamins and minerals, especially choline.


Turkey wraps

This protein packed snack is simple but never disappoints. Get as creative as you like. Simply roll up organic turkey breast or add in flavorful additions. Hummus, thinly sliced cucumbers, a little organic cheese, spinach or lettuce. You get the idea!



Much like a sandwich, there are endless possibilities when it comes to quesadillas. Plus, you can really pack in the nutrition. Try to think outside the box of a simple cheese quesadilla (although, that’s a fine snack too!). 

Here’s some of our favorite combinations:

    • black beans + cheese
    • broccoli + cheese
    • hummus + chicken
    • chicken + cheese + diced bell peppers
    • smashed sweet potato + refried beans
    • avocado + cheese + chicken